Action Programs

Active fundraising activities.

Handmade toiletries workshop

This workshop is focused on the technical and productive capacity of people with disabilities, with the purpose of creating work skills, such as work productivity and competitiveness.

Objective: $18.450.000 CLP (Less than 29,000 USD).



Divino Corazón inclusive bakery

This workshop is focused on the technical productive training of people with disabilities, the aim is for the students to acquire work skills such as work productivity and competitiveness.

Objective: $25.430.000 CLP (About 39,000 USD).



San Miguel Arcángel Shelter

We provide non-permanent shelter for homeless people from May through September, that is the winter time. Some shelters have cleaning facilities and food services. This program is fully funded by our organization.

Objective: $12.302.000 CLP (less than 19,000 USD).



Expresso de Amor cafe (Love express cafe)

Expresso de Amor is the first inclusive cafe in the Melipilla province, it is located in the Curacaví district. From its inception it was intended as an inclusive mission. It provides a protected work environment for people with disabilities while providing them with training tools in the pastry, confectionary and customer service areas so they are able to provide a quality service.

Objective: $28.590.000 CLP (close to 44,000 USD)




Family workshops

A common space with the families and caregivers of people with disabilities where they engage in activities led by suitable professionals in order to learn how to deal with common topics and life experiences.

Transit to independent life

An onsite work program for people with disabilities, mild and severe mobility restraints, their families and caregivers. It is focused in providing customized rehabilitation services and training for the appropriate caring of people with disabilities. This program also helps with the making of adaptations and low cost technical support in order to help participants become independent.

Fraternal canteen

This is a volunteer led project. We provide them with food and groceries so they can cook and provide meals to vulnerable elderly people over the weekends.

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