Pather Nostrum Genesis

Letter “P” is for the Spanish word for “Father”. That is the one that rules us as an institution and guides us in everything we must do.
Letter “H” is for the Spanish word for “Son”. That is the one that inspire us with his justice, the one that help us see the real help our suffering brothers need.
Letter “N” represents the “Holy Ghost”. That is the one that pushes and encourages us to do the work God has given to us.

Who are we

Pather Nostrum NGO, is a nonprofit organization created in Curacaví in 2007. We had the need to include people with disabilities into our society. We include all kinds of disabilities, such as physical, sensorial, psychic, intellectual or mental. We provide people with these disabilities with constant and permanent support in the areas of rehabilitation, training, or joining the world of work. Its secondary work is to instill solidarity, providing food and shelter to homeless or vulnerable people.

Include people with special needs both in society and in the world of work. By welcoming, joining them and promoting their interests and dreams.

Building an inclusive country, where we all feel we are a contribution, and an inspiration of the love that God gives us.


People added into the world of work since 2007


Training courses carried out since 2008


Meals delivered since 2007


homeless people hosted during the winter times since 2008

Our Prayer

Prayer created in our foundation to pray for people with disabilities.



Our line of action is mainly focused on improving the quality of life of people with disabilities, regardless of their religious beliefs. Thanks to our Christian base, we interact with multiple institutions, fostering the ecumenism that God expects from us. We currently have countless projects, which are being carried out in districts and regions all over the country in the following work areas:


Our aim is to develop programs that favor work insertion in a protected environment, while at the same time developing a work environment as close to reality as possible. Within this framework we want people with disabilities to:

  • Acquire basic order, respect and punctuality standards.
  • Foster team work.
  • Get to know and safely manage the tools and machinery they will be using at work.
  • Explore and potentiate their skills, so they can perform successfully in their work environments.


We train people with disabilities so they can join the competitive working world. Our courses are developed under the SENCE mode. This means trainees are provided with a daily transport allowance and childcare benefit, should they need them.

Requirements to apply:

  • Men and women between 18 and 50 years of age
  • Living with a disability
  • Having zero to very little social participation


We look to help people with disabilities to develop in a comprehensive way so they can improve their personal, social, and work wellbeing, and as a consequence improve their quality of life. Because of this we provide them with training in health aspects, such as physical self-care, emotional and mental stability, and social aspects such as family relationships, social and work inclusion.


Unlike other departments, this department provides social support to all homeless people, vulnerable people, and/or neglected people such as elderly people, regardless if they present a disability or not.

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